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Mr. Carnivore - Banana Strings CD

Mr. Carnivore - Banana Strings CD

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"Banana Strings" brings a fresh indie rock experience, showcasing Mr. Carnivore’s evolution in the genre. This EP blends the relaxing vibes of Yacht Rock with the dynamic energy of Alternative Rock and the depth of Adult Contemporary. Tracks like "Sky Diving" and "Feet to the Flame" highlight the band's skill in crafting songs that combine thoughtful lyrics with catchy melodies.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse sounds of The Grateful Dead to Oasis, "Banana Strings" presents a sound that is both innovative and relatable. It’s an invitation to listeners to dive into an EP filled with emotion, energy, and the band’s distinct musical identity. Perfect for fans and newcomers alike, this EP is a testament to Mr. Carnivore’s ongoing musical journey and their connection to the indie rock spirit.

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